My life will now be defined: Before NPR’s NextGen, and after NPR’s NextGen
By Claudia Hernández

I am glad I was able to be part of NPR’s Next Generation Radio. I learned so much this week, not only as a photo editor, but as a journalist. I was able to witness the process of creating professional stories guided by professional journalists—from interviewing, to the writing and editing process, to seeing the amazing result of all the hard-work. This week made me fall in love with all the work that happens behind the scenes in the journalism world. Editors nurture the talent of writers and photographers and help them create masterpieces. I am glad I got to be part of a team that loves what they are doing. It is noticeable they love it, because that feeling it spreads. I appreciate all the organization that happened beforehand so this week could pass by smoothly and in the most efficient way. Even though this couldn’t be in person, I think we all got to know each other and interacted a lot. I hope we can meet in person and work together soon. I had the opportunity to learn from Erica Lee and Gabriel Pérez, and I am thankful for their patience and their passion. I hope I can get the chance to work for them again in the future. Thank you, Doug and Steph, for noticing me and my potential. I am proud Texas has great journalists who are willing to spread their knowledge and experience.